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Buying, Investing, Or Developing Real Estate Are All Pathways to Expansion and Growth for Many Businesses and Individuals. Let Happy Financial Group Help You Get There with Personalized Lending Solutions.

If You’re Looking to Expand or Relocate Your Business or Make A Commercial Real Estate Investment, Our Relationship Managers Are Ready to Customize A Loan to Meet Your Needs. We Offer Competitive Financing Options and Personalized Support from Initial Application Through Closing. We Provide Personalized Financing Solutions on A Variety of Property Types, Including Office Buildings, Warehouses, Light Industrial, And Retail Properties. We Are Independent, Locally Owned, Full-Service Community Bank and Have Over A Half-Century of Lending Experience.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Get the Answers you Need to Common Questions About Commercial Real Estate Loans. Everything you need to know about Commercial Real Estate Loans and How your Business can Qualify.

What is commercial real estate?
Any real estate that is used in a trade or business. For example shopping centers, office buildings, amusement parks, etc. Multifamily real estate (i.e. apartment properties) is sometimes considered commercial because it is held for investment. Learn what sets us apart in commercial real estate.
What is a commercial real estate broker?
A commercial real estate broker is a trained professional who has been licensed to advise clients to buy, sell, or lease commercial properties.The primary difference between a commercial real estate broker and a commercial real estate agent is that the broker can work independently while the commercial real estate agent must be employed by a licensed broker. In order to protect your best interests and get the highest return on your investment, you should always engage a Broker for any and all commercial real estate transactions.
What increases commercial property value?
Adding more space or dividing up space can go a long way in increasing commercial property value. Adding space such as parking or storage can easily increase value as both are always in high demand. Finishing unfinished spaces or building additions could also be a way to achieve this
How do you determine if a commercial property is a good investment?
Net Operating Income
To determine the NOI of a property add all sources of revenue (rent, leases, parking) then subtract all expenses (utilities, maintenance, taxes, but not mortgage) from that number. A property with a high NOI is the better investment.
How do commercial real estate make money?
Commercial real estate investments can earn money through income or appreciation. Income is produced through the operation of the building, often through tenants making rental payments, while appreciation is earned through an increase in the property’s value over time.
How does commercial property work?
Commercial real estate (CRE) is property that is used exclusively for business-related purposes or to provide a workspace rather than as a living space, which would instead constitute residential real estate. Most often, commercial real estate is leased to tenants to conduct income-generating activities.
What return should I expect on commercial property?
For commercial property investors, yields are typically much higher than residential property. Yields from commercial property can be anywhere from 5% to 10%. Meanwhile, residential property is known for yields between about 1% and 3%.
What does commercial building mean?
Commercial property refers to immovable property used for industry. Commercial property typically refers to a building that house businesses, land that is intended to make a profit, and larger residential rental properties
Why is commercial building important?
Commercial properties make up an enormous portion of the built environment. They serve as a platform for most of the country’s major industries and provide the general public with areas in which to work, shop, socialise and relax.
What makes a building a commercial building?
A commercial building definition is one in which at least 50 percent of its floor space is used for commercial activities, such as retail, the providing of services, or food service (restaurants and the like).
Can a commercial property be converted to residential?
In order to convert a commercial building into a residential property, you’ll need to apply to change the use class.
Can you get a residential mortgage on a commercial property?
The good news is that mortgage lenders do offer mortgages for semi-commercial properties. If you apply for a regular commercial or residential mortgage, then you will encounter problems. The mortgage you apply for needs to be suitable for the property you’re purchasing.